Tune ups and timing belts!

Audi and Volkswagen owners, timing belt replacement is crucial to the well being of your vehicle. If you wait too long, it could literally cost you a motor. The manufacturer recommends a timing belt replacement between 100 000kms and 160 000kms OR 5 years, subject to verification every 32000kms. For a lot of Audi/Volkswagen owners, itès time to check it now!

As well, Your Audi /Volkswagen is a very well built car.  Frequent tune ups aren't as necessary as they have been in the past.  The maintenance intervals are longer, and were sometimes paid for by Volkswagen when the car was still under warranty.

Now that your car might be off warranty, it's important to check your spark plugs, air filter, cabin filter (for summertime air conditioning!) and alternator belt to PREVENT breakdowns and get the best gas mileage possible.

Call us and come in before vacation starts!