Maintenance & repairs


General maintenance for Audi and Volkswagen

HT turbotech provides general maintenance and troubleshooting for Audis and VWs. This includes all service intervals according to your vehicle’s specifications using OEM level quality parts. Some of our more critical services include timing belt replacement, if left unattended could be disastrous and very costly. If you are not sure when your timing belt replacement is due, please contact us.

Oil service intervals are one of the most ignored. We use quality supplies that exceed manufacturer specifications such as Total oil and OEM filters.

Brake service

Brake service is another major critical service since brakes are the most important safety feature on your car. Have us service your braking system and ensure optimal braking performance.

Vehicle inspection

HT turbotech also highly recommends complete vehicle inspection twice a year, once in the Spring and once in the Fall. These intervals are ideal due to the fact that Montreal Winters are especially hard on our cars.

Free estimate

HT turbotech provides free estimates for our customers if they bring their vehicle to us for inspection. We can provide a "ballpark" figure by phone but it cannot be considered a final estimate until we inspect the vehicle. We reserve the right to charge for an estimate in cases were a significant amount of work is required for a proper diagnosis. In these rare cases, the customer would be asked to approve the work in advance.